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Dear friend,
Denmark holds a deciding vote in the future of whale conservation. Currently, Denmark is promoting commercial whaling, we believe against the wishes of the majority of its citizens.We need to convince Denmark to oppose commercial whaling. We invite you to support our latest I-GO/Defending the Whales action.
On March 6th, join us in visiting Danish embassies around the world with a gift: a "Whale Meat" can.

Click here now to download your own label. Then stick it on a can. If you are near the location of the Danish embassy in your country, bring it to the embassy at lunchtime on March 6th.
Click here for the location and email of a Danish embassy near you.
If you can't make it to the embassy, find some other way to get your message to the Danish government. Take a picture of your can and mail the picture to the ambassador. Or send your can via the post. Whatever you do, leave a comment at the I-GO site to let others know what you've done, and see what others are doing.

Thanks for all your help,
Shane Rattenbury
Oceans campaigner

P.S. Download your label here right away so you don't forget.

P.P.S. This is one of many campaign ideas that have been posted at I-GO. Why not create your own campaign?

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